“No matter what’s going on or how much administration and bureaucracy I’m overwhelmed with, the pictures always remind me of what it is we are working for.”


We are a mobile hospice, our task is to care for and support the seriously ill and dying. Advertising, appearance, media ... that is not our world, and yet a hospice needs to present a “face” to the outside world, a public image for people who do not know us. How can we use pictures to express our work in all its aspects? Everything that a hospice involves? The pain, the suffering, the strength, the joy, the solidarity, the living and the dying—and the people who are part of it?

To do so requires more than just professional skill; it also calls for someone who can listen, empathize, and understand. For example, we produced a beautiful commemorative publication for our 20th anniversary—with pictures of employees, patients and relatives that show what has guided us over the last 20 years and continues to be important. Show who we are and what is important to us. No kitsch, no unnecessary dramatization, but also no “prettifying” the subject—those were always the specifications. And that has succeeded wonderfully in each new project: Our association, our history, the people we care for, our attitude and our values, everything that is important to us, is reflected in Cathrine’s photos. When you see Cathrine Stukhard’s pictures, you understand what a hospice means to us. We are very proud of that.

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