I like to develop relationships with people, and experience our encounters as a voyage of discovery. If there is one thing I’ve learned after so many years as a photographer, it’s that every human being hides a nice surprise inside!

Felip Llufriu and Roger Viusa, Restaurant Moo

Manuel Maldonado Maya, Maldonado Ibericos

Natscha Kampusch, Vienna

Nuriel Molcho, Tel Aviv Beach

Wiener Werkstätten employee

Altstadt Vienna’ reception team

Ivaldo and his family, pizzeria owner

Schoolboy in Uruguay

Saul, Noam and their father

Robert Comploj, glass designer

Nunzio Marcelli, shepherd

Hieronymite nuns

Cook Joan Olives and baker Miquel

Isaias, La Barca de la Florida

Katja Wöhr, Flor de Sal

Leonel Gasso, bandoneon player

Mariano Arana, former mayor of Montevideo

Mathias Illigen, author of the book Ich und Ich

Mathias Illigen, author of the book Ich und Ich

Nina Binder, theater coach

Juan Carlos Gambarotta, national park ranger

Josef Weghaupt, Joseph Brot vom Pheinsten

Waitress at concept store The Broken Arm

Jasmin Köse, Ilaya Kos interior design

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