“That’s how our collaboration with Cathrine Stukhard began, and anyone who knows us knows how true that was.”

Marlene & Michael Strobl

How it all began ...

The house in Ramseiden had belonged to my parents. My mother, who had also rented it out, turned it over to me and wished me luck. At first I rented the house to ski teams, while I myself lived in one of the apartments.

One day, my future husband Michael, a fitness trainer for one of the ski teams, was standing at my door. We fell in love, had two children, and got married.

My love for renovating, decorating, and beautifying soon took hold of my husband as well, and we’ve shared this passion ever since. In 2014 we brought in Karin Schafler from Hotelmarketing Gruppe to help develop a new concept for our vacation apartments. She recommended Cathrine Stukhard, who was to photograph our little gem.

We had scheduled the first photo shoot and spruced up the apartments—and yet they didn’t quite meet our expectations of how we ourselves would like to spend our vacations. They just didn’t have enough style or coziness.

I remember very clearly the evening we met with Cathrine to look at the apartments. To this day, I’m still grateful to Cathrine for cancelling the shoot and telling us her honest opinion: That WE and the APARTMENTS weren’t authentic yet and that it didn’t make sense to take pictures at that point.

The conversation got Michael and me thinking. The furnishings were still nice, and throwing everything out would have been crazy. And of course it was also a matter of money. And yet today I am convinced that you have to follow your own path, and that you should do what you enjoy doing.

Michael is a good craftsman, he likes to make and build things, realizing my ideas. This led to so many beautiful details, like the wooden ladders and the divan. We picked out new colors for the doors and walls, the old stove was painted black, wooden floors were laid. Little by little, a terrific combination of traditional style and modern design emerged. All very Marlene and Michael.

Cathrine knows how to capture this mix of styles in her pictures, you can feel the warmth and comfort in her photos. And since a house always needs upkeep and renovations, we are already looking forward to the next photo shoot with Cathrine.

Greetings from the mountains, Marlene & Michael with Luis & Finn

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