I like to develop relationships with people, and experience our encounters as a voyage of discovery. If there is one thing I’ve learned after so many years as a photographer, it’s that every human being hides a nice surprise inside!

Andreas Döllerer, top chef

Andres Gonzalez Torrejon, graphic designer

Employee, Atti Bakery

Employee, Joseph Brot vom Pheinsten

William E. Strickland Jr., author, social architect, and visionary

Japanese tourists in Pittsburgh

Teen with Pokemon Sweatshirt

Paolo with his sons Grazio and Davile

Elias riding a bike

Students of the Karl Schubert School, Vienna

Little boy with parrot in Uruguay


Maresa Hörbiger, actor

Manfred Honeck, conductor and violist

Tango singer Giovanna

Manolo, La Barca de la Florida

Contessa Ottavia Giorgi di Vistarino

Mr. K., resident of the assisted living facility in Raiding

Florian Kaps, The Impossible Project

Sebastian Sailer alias Wild Evel, Supersense Store

Nuriel, Elior, and Ilan Molcho, Neni

Miram Mayr, musical actor

73-year-old waiter at Pamela’s Diner, Pittsburgh

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