“Cathrine has changed our perspective.”

Karin und Lois Hell

“As we were researching a new visual approach to presenting our vacation resort, Cathrine Stukhard’s photos won us over the moment we saw them—they radiate a sense of calm, feel natural and timeless. We wanted to call Cathrine right away, but all the references from prominent businesses and the travel reports for well-known magazines like Geo made us feel like she was out of our campsite’s league.

In the end, though, we did get in touch with her, and quickly realized that Cathrine is not only very professional, but also warm and open; she is genuinely interested in seeing our resort do well. Thanks to her pictures, our image has markedly changed for the better. The number of new guests, inquiries, and bookings has continuously increased. Our own perspective has also changed and pushed us in the right direction. Working with Cathrine has been a great stroke of luck for us.”

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