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Geo Saison, Geo, Merian, Stern, Brigitte Woman, Servus Magazin, Decoration, Eltern, Feinschmecker, Terra Mater, Auto Revue, Country, Wienerin, Lufthansa Magazin, SZ Magazin.

Business Customers

Anker, Attendo, Chemie Krems, Christian Brandstätter Verlag, Doce Confituras, Dorotheum, Die Erste, Hotelmarketing Gruppe, Joseph – Brot vom Pheinsten, Kika, Easytherm, Gaulhofer, Glashütte Comploj, Kleine Zeitung, Lindlpower Personalmanagement, LP-Experts, Nationalpark Hohe Tauern, NÖ Werbung, OMV, ORF, Österreich Werbung, Quehenberger, Steyer Daimler Puch, WBSF – Stadterneuerungsfond, The Maca Team, Wiener Linien, Wienstrom.

Social Services Customers

Barrierefrei – Federal Ministry of Social Affairs; HaLT alcohol prevention program, Hohenfried, Germany; Hospiz Mödling; Karl Schubert School, Vienna; Lebensart Sozialtherapie; Lebenswelt Heim; Lirum Larum; MA 25; Mauthausen Memorial; Pflegezentrum Raiding, Schulwerkstatt Ebreichsdorf/Baden; Waldorf Kindergarten Bad Vöslau.

Hotels, Spas, and Restaurants

Altstadt Vienna, Vienna, Austria
Hotel Arx, Rohrmoos, Austria
Bewegte Berge, Saalfelden, Austria
Bruckwirt, Sankt Johann in Tyrol, Austria
Hotel Brunner, Schärding, Austria
Hotel Auersperg, Salzburg, Austria
Courtyard by Marriott Messe Wien, Austria
Courtyard by Marriott Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany
Courtyard by Marriott Wiesbaden, Germany
Courtyard by Marriott Zurich, Switzerland
Döllerer’s Genusswelten, Golling, Austria
Elisabeth Hotel, Mayrhofen, Austria
Hell’s Ferienresort; Fügen, Austria

Hotel Filzstein, Hochkrimml, Austria
Hotel Gugerbauer, Schärding; Austria
Haus Hirt, Bad Gastein, Austria
Holzleb’n, Grossarl, Austria
Hotel Harmonie, Vienna, Austria
Hotel Icaro, Seiseralm, South Tyrol, Italy
Hotel Linde, Maria Wörth, Austria
Mavida Balance Hotel & Spa, Zell am See, Austria
Moxy Amsterdam, Netherlands
Moxy Berlin Humboldthain Park, Germany
Moxy Düsseldorf South, Germany
Moxy Frankfurt City Center, Germany
Moxy Frankfurt East, Germany
Moxy Katowice, Poland
Moxy Stuttgart, Germany
Moxy Tbilisi, Georgia
Moxy Warsaw Praga, Poland
Plachutta, Vienna, Austria
Renaissance Tuscany, Italy
Renaissance Vienna, Austria
Hotel Ritzenhof, Saalfelden, Austria
Residence Inn, Frankfurt, Austria
Restaurant Steirereck, Vienna, Austria
Therme Wien, Vienna, Austria
Hotel Vincent, Styria, Austria
Villa Excelsior, Bad Gastein, Austria
Wirtshaus Steirereck, Pogusch, Austria


“At least that’s what we thought. But we quickly found out how wrong we were, and realized that Cathrine Stukhard is not only very professional, but also warm and approachable.”
Karin Hell, Natürlich Hell

Three hotels, three styles—perfectly brought to life

"Bierwirth & Kluth’s three Vienna Marriott International Hotels all have their own distinct styles, each calling for very individual presentations—from stylishly elegant to urban business to brashly modern. Because every hotel is different."
Sonja Bohrer, Marriott

A Hospice in Pictures? Can You Do That?

"Show who we are and what is important to us. No kitsch, no unnecessary dramatization, but also no “prettifying”—those were always the specifications. When you see Cathrine Stukhard’s pictures, you understand what a hospice means to us. We’re very proud of that."
Irene Blau, Hospiz Mödling

To See a Person’s True Self

"Cathrine Stukhard’s photographs make the beauty inside a person visible to the outside world."
Andreas Lernpeiss, Lebensart Sozialtherapie

Cathrine Canceled Our First Photo Shoot—Thank Goodness!

“That’s how our collaboration with Cathrine Stukhard began, and anyone who knows us knows how true that was.”
Marlene Strobl, Bewegte Berge

Good Pictures Pay Off—Literally

"Though the costs for the photo shoots and the new website initially seemed a bit daunting, in retrospect it was worth every euro—it was one of the best things we ever did to boost our bookings."
Ute Gehart, Frienhäuser Gehart

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Geo Saison, Süd Italien

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Geo Saison, Süd Italien

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